natural dyes…


I love colouring my own fabric & thread… and to that end I’ve even got plants growing in our allotment for dyeing…

one of the beds at the allotment full of dye plants

Not much happening at the moment in the allotment… however it does need a good tidy… lots of dead foliage… but every things is too wet at the moment… though I do have a lot of seeds that need to be stored away for the winter… I have far too many so once I’ve sorted them out I’ll offer a few packs here…

some blogs I follow on natural dyeing…

Jenny Dean’s Wild Colour

Wild Colour by Jenny Dean is one of the best contemporary guides to the art of vegetal dyeing. The goal of the this page on face book  is to show the publisher that there is a fan base for the book that justifies a new printing.

Riihivilla, Dyeing with natural dyes

The Natural Surfaces Zine

A Movable feast

Not all those who wander are lost this is India Flints blog… if you haven’t got here books I can highly  recommend it…


2 Responses to “natural dyes…”

  1. 1 linda

    Tricia, I saw you on the HEN site and was so happy to find you here as well. I would love to be in touch with you about your dyeing process……I have been experimenting as well with dyeing the threads for my work. I live in the desert and have been researching native American dyeing techniques, and taking walks to harvest what I think might work. Your site is lovely so far, and I look forward to seeing more. You can find me at……….happy new year, Linda

  2. Happy New Year to you too Linda… I’d love to ‘talk’ more about dyeing… off to checkout your blog…

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